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Best Bakery in New York City


Lafayette Grand Cafe and Bakery

Lafayette Grand Cafe and Bakery


Since my last blog I’ve been to New York for a long weekend. If you’ve never been and you love great food, fantastic art galleries, great bookshops and being in an exciting lively city then you must go. Just before I left, my cousin, knowing how obsessive I am about bread, sent me a link to a  recent New York Times article about Chad Robertson and his fabulous bakery Tartine. At the bottom of the article was a link to  5 great breads to eat  in New York. Did the New York Times actually know that I was about to go, I ask myself?  I can think of nothing more useful to help plan my trip.

I was going to accompany my dear Dad who was speaking at the UN at an event on teaching the Holocaust through the Arts and we were only going to be there for a long weekend. I knew I’d have to plan carefully all the things we wanted to do, so I wasn’t going to have a huge amount of time for bakeries. I  had considered going to Jim Lahey’s Sullivan Street Bakery, which is of course one of the bread shrine’s of the world in my opinion- but I have been there before.

Here’s the link to the article about Chad Robertson’s wonderful bread

Tartine’s Country Bread: Be Patient, Perfection Is Near


Chad Robertson’s recipe has reached cult status among passionate home bakers.

and here’s the link to find out about 5 great bread’s in New York

As luck would have it, we needed to find a great place for Sunday Brunch in order to meet up with a cousin of my father’s. One of the recommended breads came from Layfayette, which is both a bakery and cafe, so that’s where we went.  The first thing I ordered was some slices of their magnificent looking baguettes

photo 3 Fanastic crust and what holes!

My Dad loved it- and then enjoyed a delicious eggs benedict with brioche toast- mmm…

photo 5photo (3)


I do recommend Lafayette-  a perfect brunch spot

photo 1

We both really enjoyed the Holocaust Education through the Arts event. He was talking about developing his website on music in the Camps and Ghettos. Here’s the link to the film of the event. His bit is at 1 hour 30mins.

Do take a look at the music in the holocaust website too

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