Best Bakeries in Dinard Brittany

image           Dinardaise bread

We have had beautiful sunny weather until now, here in Brittany, but today I am looking out over the stormy sea.  So now is a perfect time to bake my baguettes.  I had brought a tiny bit of my sourdough starter with me from England and was looking forward to using it until I realised that the flour I had bought in a local supermarket already had yeast in it.   Instead of sourdough, I made a slow rise yeasted baguette which I retarded (slowed down the development of the yeast) by putting it in the fridge overnight.

So now my bread is baking, I’ll tell about the fabulous bakeries I visited yesterday in Dinard. The first bakery, the Artisan Boulanger,  instantly drew me in and my eye caught  some extraordinary looking bread with a blackened crust. Given there was a stack of loaves that all looked the same I presumed the baker wasn’t just having a bad day. This was confirmed when an elderly man at the front of the queue bought some by weight and with a twinkle in his eye told us it was very good.   I obviously had to buy some.

When my friend (who speaks excellent French) asked the woman behind the counter about this bread we were told it was a special local bread (Dinardaise)  that was baked for an extra long time.

We then went to the market to make sure we had enough things to eat with  the bread for our lunch. We were about to leave Dinard when I saw another bakery I couldn’t resist called Maison Moreau ( Their produce was beautifully set out, with lovely looking  Macaroons and 3 types of  ‘Kouign Amman’, a sticky caramelly cake made with flaky pastry, absolutely delicious- my favourite is the one made with apple (see picture at the top) Their bread looked good too and the young man behind the counter was very helpful, so, even though I now had way more bread than we could possibly eat,  I bought a ‘boule de pain au levain.’

Getting advice about what to buy

Getting advice about what to buy

great selection of bread

great selection of bread

When we got home we enjoyed lunch- the Dinardaise was a particular hit with everyone:  soft and light in the middle, with a very crispy crust- not to be missed.

delicious Dinardaise bread with lunch

delicious Dinardaise bread with lunch

And to end with here are my baguettes.

My baguettes

My baguettes


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