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Bakery in Lancieux Brittany

I am in bread heaven. Where else could this be other than France. We are staying in a lovely house in a village by the sea. Each morning I have gone to the local bakery for bread and croissants

Lancieux bakery

Boulanger Erussard, Lancieux


I know I never usually buy bread, but I’m on holiday and France is the home of artisan bread. So this is really all about getting a bread education.

On our first day I bought a baguette of the ‘tradition briantaine’ variety and a ‘pain de compagne ‘ . Both were really good but the baguette was sublime. Chewy soft and great with French butter.

All in the service of your and my breaducation I then bought 2 other types of baguette solely in order to carry out a taste test experiment.


The baguette on the left is the bog standard yeasted variety (bog standard is not actually the French technical term in case you were wondering) You will be able  to see how very dull the crust and crumb are.  The one on the right is called ‘festive’ and was my hands down favourite so far. It had beautiful lines on it from being gently stretched before proving I imagine.

I would be very happy if I could make baguettes as good as this!

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