Bakery In San Sebastian, Spain

I know I said my next post would be how to turn your starter into a wonderful Sourdough loaf,  but I’m afraid I couldn’t resist letting you know about a great  bakery. I have just returned from  a delightful long weekend  in  San Sebastian, in the Basque Country in Spain. Pristine beaches and food heaven in every way.

Of course I am unable to go abroad without first finding out where the best  bakeries are.  I found ‘Galparsoro’ a fantastic Artisan Bakery in the ‘old town’, where they bake their own bread on the premises using long fermentation and sourdoughs.

2013-05-27 10.56.43

and here is the loaf I bought, which I think is sourdough whole wheat and rye. It made great toast for breakfast this morning.

Its such a pleasure to be able to bring back bread from a short holiday and for it to last.

2013-05-28 20.55.41


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One response to “Bakery In San Sebastian, Spain”

  1. Kathie says :

    What a great place to go. I’m looking forward to your upcoming blogs to find out about converting my pastey starter concoction into something that looks as fantastic as this….

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