Making a Sourdough Starter from scratch, third refreshment

Now its the evening and my starter is doing well- I hope yours is too.  As it develops I begin to be able to smell more of the characteristic sour smell

2013-05-21 21.35.33

Now its  ready to be refreshed  again. So, you just need to do exactly what you did to refresh it this morning.

1. Discard 2/3 of it (or find a deserving friend to give it to)

2. Add 1/4 cup of water and 1/2 cup of white bread flour

3. Stir until all the flour is hydrated

4. Cover with the lid, but don’t screw it on

Thats it – nothing more to do. Just leave it all night and then refresh again tomorrow morning

I’m going to keep going refreshing it morning and night for another couple of days- and I would think by then it will be ready to use for bread making.

So I’ll post again then.


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One response to “Making a Sourdough Starter from scratch, third refreshment”

  1. Lottie @ Lottie's World of Cakes and Bakes says :

    Good luck! I really enjoyed making my sourdough from complete scratch!

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